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ABOUT Random maxx

The Modern Age

Milwaukee's Best Cover Band of 2012, as voted by the readers of the Shepherd Express, and a nominee of five WAMI awards, Random Maxx has achieved its share of decoration, earning songwriting and performance awards from public polls, industry organizations, and regional press. Two of their songs have been CD roulette winners in the Wisconsin Area Music Industry ("A Very Someone" "Utopia").  Random Maxx is a 12-time performer at Milwaukee's Summerfest (including 2015), the world's largest music festival, and has played all over Wisconsin and the surrounding area.



The Bronze Age

In 1997, guitarists Mark Redlich and Bo Johnson joined forces with bassist Matty Phillips and drummer Jim Schweitzer to create Random Maxx.  The early shows were notable not just for the cool, sparsely attended diner and bar locales in St. Francis and Cudahy, but mostly for the foursome to sing a vast array of styles, with anyone taking lead vocal duties at any time while the rest create mesmerizing harmonies, and occassionally switching instruments throughout the set.



The Golden Age through the Exodus Age

As Random Maxx matured, eventually they settled on standard rock instrumentation and started to hone themselves into a musical entity whose product is best labeled vocal power pop --- big guitars, big harmonies, and big hooks.  They released a couple of CD's, Senseless Beauty and Rock Star Parking, in this arrangement, the latter being produced by RIAA-certified producer Mike Hoffmann (The Verve Pipe, Willy Porter, Victor Delorenzo).  Rock Star Parking helped garner Random Maxx significant radio airplay on college, internet, and international radio.  After Jim's departure in 2004, the band added Mary Morales on keyboards, and Dave Partridge on drums.  It was this lineup that performed in Milwaukee Chamber Theatre's acclaimed production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.


Dave left in 2005 and was replaced by Terry Schroeder (with the excellent Stephen Gaulke filling in during the interim), and Mary left in 2006 and was replaced by Jamie and Erin Schlecht on keyboards. During this period, songwriting, arranging, and lead vocal duties in the band were still split in among everyone, with each member contributing much in the way of creative voice to the overall sonic cocktail, one that often emphasized four-, five-, and even six-part harmonies. Erin and Terry exited in 2008 and Mike Grassman joined to take over drumming duties. In early 2009, Matty announced his decision to leave the band due to a job opportunity in a faraway land (Pennsylvania) and was replaced by Mike Nitka. Mike G. then parted with the band shortly after, and Steve replaced him on drums... for a while. But, then Terry came back to replace Steve, and Jake Gobel joined in 2011 to replace Mike N. on bass.  Then in 2016, Jamie left the band and was replaced by Katrina Jean --- and now we find Random Maxx in their current lineup, with Bo and Mark the remaining original members. Got it? Of course not. I'm lost. And I wrote it.

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