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Ale House this Saturday!

Today's promo comes courtesy of the potential Republican nominee, Mr. Donald Trump:

Thank you very much, everybody. Well, I want to begin by thanking the fans of Random Maxx. This is a special group. Thank you. These are special people and we got a little boost earlier this month from a place we all remember -- 18 West. We can't forget it. Special, special. We love it. And they sent us back here with a very good feeling, right? Very good feeling.

So I really want to thank you. All of these people -- fans, and they travel and they -- and I say, "what are you doing?" And now they're going to the Milwaukee Ale House (233 N. Water St.) on Saturday at 9:30pm and they're going all over. Some are going to Nevada. I'll be going to Nevada. We're making a big speech on Saturday and then we're going right to Nevada.

Thank you very much. Thank you very much. So I was watching them at their last show and it was really amazing to be watching what I was watching. And some of the pundits and overall fair but not too much. So I think they're going to do very, very well. I think we're all going to do very well.

OK. We go back to kickin' butt on Saturday. Random Maxx are going to have a show that you want, not the show that they're told to have by senators and congressmen in Washington. We're going to have a great show. Just the best. The best. The best. So thank you very much. Thank you.

Thank you, Mr Trump!

(Random Maxx has edited certain portions of the above speech to help clarify the intended message)

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