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Delafield and Milwaukee Ale House this weekend!

Hey we're back this weekend with a double shot of Random Maxx-ness. Friday night (tonight as you are probably reading this) is an 8pm show at 18 West in Delafield (W325 S1767 Mickle Road). We played here back in May, and had a great time -- we're ready to do it again! This one is for those of you who like to turn in early -- we're done at 11:30pm, so you can stay for the whole show! Then on Saturday night, we return to the Milwaukee Ale House (233 N. Water St) for a 9:30pm full 4hour show. Is there anything we haven't said about the Ale House? Probably not. Awesome crowds, awesome beer, Everything Is Awesome! Say... hm.... I'll think about that one. Next month, we have more acoustic trio shows, and oh yeah -- State Fair! More on that next week... See you this weekend!

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