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A Week of Fun with Random Maxx!

Hey all you RM fans! Thanks to those of you who came and hung out at 18 West on Friday night, and thanks to the super awesome crowd for making our Saturday night show at the Ale House super awesome! What a blast...can't wait to be back there at the end of September! This week Saturday marks the beginning of fives shows in a week... three of which are open to you, the public!! Here's the rundown...

Saturday, August 6th: Come and party with the pooches at Harley Davidson in Oconomowoc! Free admission and free parking as we "Raise the Woof"! Lots of fun to be had including S"WAG" bags for all canines attending while they last, a doggie lounge area and dog related products and services! If you're looking to adopt, there are chances for that as well! For the "people" attending, there is a beer tent and live entertainment from the Random Maxx Trio! Saturday night, we're gonna be rockin' for the 4th annual pool party with our friend Tracy. This is a favorite gig of ours, and we are pumped to be back yet again this summer. Sorry --- you can't come to this one, but we wanted to brag about it anyways. Tuesday, August 9th: It's State Fair season and we are super-excited to be back! Again, we have the MIDDLE of the fair -- playing the Bud Pavilion today puts us in the exact middle of the park, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the entire run of State Fair. Will we play The Middle? No. We did that last year. :) But come on out and hang out, cause this is going to be exciting!

Wednesday, August 10th: The Random Maxx Trio has a Wednesday night show at the Stop Inn Tavern of Siebkens Resort. Check out 4 hours of acoustic rock with all them racing car drivers. It'll be pretty legit. We end our week of shows celebrating Alex and Ali's wedding, and are pumped to play our 5th wedding of the summer. Stay tuned for more shows before summer wraps up! #Summer2DaMaxx

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